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Making Pre-hospital Transport efficient & conveniently accessible.


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"We believe to Err is human" - Prof Whittaker

"That errors are seldom due to carelessness or lack of trying hard enough. More commonly errors are caused by faulty systems, processes and conditions that lead people to make mistakes. They can be prevented by designing systems that make it hard for people to do something wrong and easy to do it right. Challenges are a result of an incosistent reporting and learning system that has prevented the collection and dissemination of information in a meaningful way" - Prof. Stuart Whitaker

Our Focus


To lead, empower & impact pre-hospital care through technological innovative products that drive profits, enhance outcomes and ensure quality care to citizens.


To make pre-hospital care simple, sustainable and efficient.


To achieve shorter pre-hospital times.
Enhance quality of care.


A conducive, competitive & enhanced ecosystem within the paramedic industry, that works together towards rendering efficient care .



YV also provides transport for non-emergency situations, these services are available for non-life threatening emergencies where urgency is not of the utmost importance, such as follow-ups, appointments or treatment collection.


YV provides transport for emergency situations that are life-threatening and require urgency, situations such as a stroke, a car accident or pregnancy.

Our Users


Disabled Persons

Approximately 4.5 million people are living with disabilities in South Africa.

Pregnant Women

The ambulance service is called out, on average up to 80 times a day by pregnant women in South Africa.

Outside Patients

As of 2019, 4.74 million South Africans were suffering from hypertension, making it the most prevalent chronic condition in the country.


Sick Patients

The hospice care sector supports more that 150 000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions in South Africa each year.


How Do We Benefit Our Users?


Simple User Interface

Easily navigated and easily understood across all age groups, accomodating the disable with impairment of speech or deafness.

Freemium Model

YV is set up using this model allowing most regular users to access it for free.


The call out is designed to reduce information intake by 45% ensuring direct dialling to their emergency.



Since YV is a centralised platform, there is no need to memorise or store multiple emergency numbers, and there is no need to worry about entering your information multiple times.


Our Products



Ideal for patients in extreme situation such as car accidents, pregnancy complications, chronically ill patients and severe violence for example stab wounds.


Ideal for those who are in need of assistance but are not in serious condition for example a person who has fallen and broken their arm and is still able to sit upright in a vehicle.


Ideal for those looking for facility to facility transfer for example transferring between provinces or from international countries to South Africa.


Patient Transfer Transport

Suitable for patients who are having ongoing medical care and are travelling alone or with a care provider, also ideal for hospital visitations from facility to facility.



Our Technology


We offer an agile intelligent mobile solutions application that is tailored to the needs of the EMS sector. YV comes complete with biometric and voice recognition scanners to allow ease of authentication, verification and patient data capturing in ambulances (even when in transit). The mobile application offers an integrated automated call center, control & dispatch services. Complete with location accuracy and personal health record (PHR) of patients.

  • Whether you have medical insurance or not, let us transport you safely:
  • Freemium (Pay for what you use) R0-4500
  • Cost per ambulance R0R-4500 (Government Subsidy/Insurance/Out of pocket)
  • Cost for hospital transfer R0-R4500 (Government Subsidy/Insurance/Out of pocket)
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